Retail Service

There is no substitute for seeing a product up close, for getting a sense of the feel and texture of it, and for understanding how it will fit into your carefully-designed interior space. This is why we display our extensive product ranges at our showroom.
We have showrooms in ACT, Wollongong and in Sydney, where you will be able to browse products and speak with our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Storage solutions, bathroom fittings, kitchen splashbacks; all of this is available for your home design project.

Product viewing and Colour selection facilities

Colour selection is vital to the success of any interior, which is why we supply a range of different shades and hues to choose from. Our showrooms include colour selection services, ensuring that you make the right choice for the space.

Free quotes & home consultations

Our team of expert advisors can come to you and quickly gain an understanding of your exact space. We can then provide you with all the information you need whenever it’s convenient for you. These consultations include project quotes and are delivered cost and obligation-free

Production and installation information

Once you have taken our advice onboard and have made a product selection for your project, we will take a 20% deposit to get the process started. Then, we will arrange an installation. You will be informed 48 hours ahead of the scheduled installation date and a more precise time can be given on the day the work is scheduled to take place. Our team is highly skilled and will support you every step of the way. There is also no need to pay anything beyond the deposit until the project is finally signed off.

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As part of the Kolder Group, North Coast Shower Screens & Wardrobes offer sophisticated and practical solutions for your house or apartment. Would you like to connect with our incredible solutions for your interior project? Get in touch and receive your free-of-charge consultation and quote.